Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Different things around us...

30th March 2010...

Well this year i start working in Kopitiam since january.. I began to see different kind of things around us.. Example.. A family , A bunch of students , couples and some ppl that are alone facing with the laptop everyday from afternoon to night.. on February i saw 3girls, but 1 of them talk to me.. The 1st time i dint get a chance to get her number so fail. But i hope i can c her 2nd time.. and thats what happen and i c her 2nd time and i failed again.. but again i saw her 3rd time.. i failed again.. Am i a failure that cant do anything.. but my supervisor was right.. give me some advice.. don't so fast put ur self into relationship becuz 1st , money will dissapear fast.. and she advice me to study and by that time i'm still thinking that Nobody likes me in this kind of attitude of mine , Nobody loves me and i can tell God i won't get married until die. So maybe i should give up on her when i saw her for the 4th time.. i dunnoe when.. it can be 2moro or the day after 2moro.. who know's ryte??

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Time pass...

7th February 2010..

Time passes very fast and indeed as i work the hold day i watches the sunrise going down and prepared for the night, means get ready for tomorrow.. Have u guys wonder what u have doing after this days , hours , months or even years.. Now i realize that we must appreciate every person around u , no matter where they r?? or no matter what they r doing?? just ask them and give it a call someday.. If not friends will be gone forever.. we need to be patient in every part or things in this earth is doing or u your self needs to plan for everything.. So from now on patient must be part of our works and times eventhought u had play roles in your life..

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Glory , Glory man.united

1st of march

Well yesterday as i watched man.u in d final and they won the Carling cup and i so happy but anyway i"m not unhappy because SPM result is coming out another 2weeks left.. So i think i need to prepared for it.. ok bye..